Frequently Asked Questions

Q– How can I get my great ideas ready for publication?
E-Books for Authors

AEmail us for your free e-book!

Q– What types of books can you help me self publish?
A– Here are some of the possibilities:
• e-books
• manuals & guides
• whitepapers
• poetry
• novels
• how-to books
• self-help books
• cookbooks
• picture books
• short stories

Q– Can I include photos and illustrations in my book?
A– Yes, images add visual interest and excitement to your book. Here are links to a few of the many websites with free and low-cost stock photos and clip art: dreamstime.com, free-clip-art.com, and free-graphics.com. For a children’s book illustrator visit: gailmnelson.com.

Q– Why can’t I make my own e-book?
A– You can, however, in our experience it can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. If you would like to go that direction, here are two books that can help:

E-Books SimplifiedE-Books Simplified: The Step-by-Step Guide to E-Publishing will show you how to prepare your manuscript for Kindle, Barnes and Noble, the iBookstore, etc. Get your copy now at amazon.com or smashwords.com.

The E-Book Design Guide coverThe E-Book Design Guide: How to Format PDFs is available to guide you through the process of creating a PDF e-book to offer on your own website. Get your copy now at smashwords.com.

Q– Are proofreading and editing included with your service?
A– We can connect you to independent editors who will give your manuscript this important finishing touch. Fees will be charged separately.

Q– How long does it take to get an e-book?
A– In most cases, a first draft will be ready for proofing within three business days. Changes, corrections, alterations, or extensive formatting can add to the design time.

Q– My book is written and I’m ready to publish an e-book. How much will it cost?
A– Prices start at $250 for a complete e-book conversion package. Please email us for more information.

Q– Can I get my book printed?
A– Yes, we do both print-ready and digital download files. If you choose to have your book printed, we will provide a high resolution file ready for printing. We also help you decide on the printing company that best meets your needs. We can also provide a PDF e-book file for downloading directly from your website. Email us with any questions.


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