Your IdeaCreative marketing materials help books sell themselves.

Connect to your readers with engaging ideas that tie your book in with your website and blog. Choose from a variety of promotional materials:

  • bookmarks
  • business cards
  • postcards or e-postcards
  • flyers
  • posters
  • web banners and graphics
  • e-announcements

Contact Gail for an estimate on designing your promotional materials.

5 Marketing Tips that Won’t Cost You Anything

  1. Explore Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  2. Speak at book clubs, local libraries, bookstores, etc. and track sales, watching for spikes after events.
  3. Wear a name tag that says, “Ask me about my new book!”
  4. Bring your books with you everywhere you go – and talk about them.
  5. Be patient and practice gratitude.

How to Make Your Book Discoverable

Here is a tip to help you reach the largest possible audience in online searches: use the best keywords and tags for your book. Begin by brainstorming words and phrases that truly fit the subject and content of your publication.

To research your list of words and phrases, look up “google’s keyword tool” on your computer and open it. Type in your words and phrases and click the search button. Your keywords and a list of similar ideas will appear. Spelling, plural, singular, spaces, and hyphens all affect a keyword’s effectiveness. Note the search numbers and look for “low” competition and high numbers. Research each word or phrase to come up with a list of keywords and phrases to use as tags in your online accounts and blogs. This will help your publication appear in searches and attract more readers to your ever-more-popular book.

Marketing Strategies to help you Sell more Books

  • Maximize metadata: use keywords and tags that will help make your book easy to find in searches
  • Share free e-books through gifts and coupons, in exchange for posting reviews
  • Create a landing page on with links to buy your book
  • Blog on your website to connect and build a relationship with your audience
  • Guest blog on popular sites that fit your topic–include a link to your website


It’s exciting to see how professional this can look!
~ Phyllis

Love, love, love the design (smack!) This is the right “feel” for this treatment and subject.
~ Dave

Contact Gail about your project today.

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