E-books Save TreesE-books are the fastest growing form of publishing today.

E-book Design will help take the guess-work out of independent self publishing. E-books are:
• less expensive to format and quicker to publish
• available without printing, storage, or shipping costs
• accessible with instant delivery and world-wide distribution

Your e-book will be formatted for kindle and ePub from a Word file and/or a PDF of the manuscript. We will prepare your ebook for Kindle Direct Publishing as well as Smashwords, a distributor to Barnes and Noble, iTunes, libraries, etc.

E-book files are typically ready in one to two weeks. Changes, corrections, alterations, or extensive formatting can add to the design time.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Your unique title
  • Edited manuscript
  • Cover design (or idea)
  • Interior images (if desired)
  • Author bio and photo

Contact Gail for an estimate on your project.

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